- Jakola Farm’s accommodation facilities

On Jakola Farm you will be accommodated in Rentola, a farmhouse built in the beginning of the 20th century. Rentola is situated quite close to the rapids Heijostenkosket. There are 14 beds in the two-storey house and additionally 14 beds in the outbuildings in summer. A more unconventional accommodation alternative can be offered in a wilderness cabin situated on a bog islet at a distance of 3,5 km from Rentola. The cabin sleeps only two. A night in the cabin is a real break away from the everyday rush.

The brand-new Villa Mertala stands now ready by the lake of Karankajärvi. It provides beds for 6 + 2 persons. The facilities of the villa suit very well for conference purposes, too. The villa has 114 square metres and including the terraces the area come up to 153 square metres. On the shore of the lake Karankajärvi you will find a suitable beach also for the youngest family members.